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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Ruy Lopez for White - Schliemann Variation/Jaenisch Defence Part 1

 Now we will study the various defences/counter-attacks offered by Black after 3 Bb5. One of the defences that demands mentioning is the Schliemann Variation (also known as Jaenisch Defence), recognized by 3...f5.
1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 f5
The Schliemann Variation is probably the sharpest way of meeting the Ruy Lopez. Black immediately goes on the counterattack in the centre, in King's Gambit fashion . Most positional considerations are overtaken by tactics and hard variations, so there's much more homework for the student here than in many of the other chapters. That said , a well -prepared player on the white side could certainly look forward to facing the Schliemann. After all , this line is fun for White too, but only if you know your stuff!

The Schliemann is quite popular at club level, where many white players refuse to take up the challenge and opt out with the passive 4 d3 . However, this is just the type of move Schliemann players would enjoy playing against, as Black is put under no immediate pressure and has been able to 'get away with' his third move. After, for instance, 4...fxe4 5 dxe4 Nf6, Black already has a comfortable development plan and White no longer has a d-pawn! Instead of this, White must try to punish Black for his sins and thus recommended for White is the critical reply 4 Nc3!.
Let's see what this reply from Black has in store for White! Follow carefully:
In the next post we will discuss another reply from Black. That will be Variation B. Hope you liked this one.

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