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Friday, February 4, 2011

Download The Italian Game: A White Repertoire agianst 1...e5 - Stefan Kindermann (Full DVD) for Free !!!| Video

The Italian Game: A White Repertoire agianst 1...e5 - Stefan Kindermann
On this DVD, Grandmaster Stefan Kindermann will give you a complete repertoire against 1...e5 after your 1.e4.

Based on training material and the didactic system of the 'Münchener Schachakademie' (Munich Chess Academy).
1.General historical introduction, how to work with that DVD, Heroes and models of the Italian game:
Giachomo Greco in the 17.century-Giuoco Pianissimo-killing them softly …

The 80s with Sergei Dolmatov and John Nunn, nowadays Sergey Movsesian and Sergei Tiviakov (maybe the Italian should be renamed to 'Sergeys Game'!?) both reaching 2700 with the Italian as a main weapon.

The young Ukrainians Sachar Efimenko and Areshenko also using the Italian game to great effect. All of them can be used for creating a "model-database”.
2. Three illustrative games with general strategic explanations will get you in the "Italian spirit". No need to memorize here, just relax, enjoy and let your subconscious do some work for you!
3. Typical recurring motives, tricks and traps that will enable you to counter recurring situations in or out of theory.
4. Specific move orders and some "hardcore-theory"
5. Test yourself: Training positions and the algorithm of masterly thinking.
Theoretical Contents of this DVD:
Positions arising after 1.e4 e5 2.Sf3 Sc6 3.Lc4 Sf6 4.d3 Lc5 5.c3 (or via move order 3…Lc5 4.c3 Sf6 5.d3)

Special Multiple Choice Sotware on this DVD.

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