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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Ruy Lopez for White - Berlin Defence Part 3

Hello and welcome everybody again to our study of The Ruy Lopez from White's perspective. It has been quite a long time since we had the last episode of our study. In fact, all of you know that there was this big event, World Championship 2008 that kept all of us very very busy in our chess quest. The most busy person from our side was of-course, my friend Chessyman who worked day and night to bring to you the live games and coverages, full with interesting and accurate analysis of each and every game. To tell you the truth, I was tuned to this blog throughout the event, watching and studying the analysis provided by him. And I must tell you that he has done a great great job indeed. Hope all of you enjoyed.
Now, as the event is over, we will be back concentrating on our study of openings. So, here we go...
In our last session, we had studied Black's reply 5...Be7 and had started 5...Nd6, where we studied Black's 7th move alternative Variation B1: 7...Ne4!?
Now we will survey Black's reply, Variation B2: 7...Nf5. The sub-variations of this reply involve Black's 9th move alternatives. So, let's start.

Variation B21: 9...Ne7
Let's study another Black's 9th move alternative, Variation B22: 9...Be6
So White can pull out advantages whatever may the situation be if he/she plays cautiously. And as Berlin Defence is one of the most widely played variations in The Ruy Lopez, you can definitely give it a try!!
In the next post we will conclude the Berlin Defence. 
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