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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Ruy Lopez for White - Moller and Arkhangelsk Variations Part 2

Hello friends,

Let us continue our journey into the Moller and Arkhangelsk Variations without wasting any time. In the last post we have studied Black's first reply, Variation A: 5...d6. Today we will study Black's second reply as a 5th move alternative, Variation B: 5...Bc5. In this Variation we will study Black's two 7th move alternatives as sub-variations i.e Variation B1: 7...d5!? and Variation B2: 7...d6.

Let's start with Variation B1: 7...d5!?

Now we will go for Variation B2: 7...d6

Well, well, well....it seems that White can be a lot better here. Do let me know what do you think about this.

Go through the variations again and again and try to recognize patterns, that's what I can say at this point. It's certainly getting more and more interesting. Isn't it?

Let's leave it here. In our next post we will study another of Black's 5th move alternative which will again contain a few sub-variations.

Till then, stay tuned. We are not over yet!!

Keep visiting and keep reading. Thanks a lot. Enjoy!!

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