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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Download Pro Chess Video Chess Mentor Series - Yasser Seirawan

        DVD Contents:
    Study Segment 1:
  • The Board & It's Properties
  • Three (3) Types of Positions
  • The Four (4) Elements of Chess
  • Seven (7) Basic Principles
  • Elementary Check Mates
  • Classical Opening
  • Three (3) Types of Pins
  • Double Attack
  • Battery
  • Time Count
  • Study Segment 2:
  • How To Find A Plan
  • Weak Pawn Structures
  • Zwischenzug: An in-between move
  • Fianchetto the Bishop
  • Balanced Pawn Structures
  • Pawn Storms & Chains
  • Dutch Stonewall & Pillsbury Attack
  • Dynamic Pawn Structures
  • Rooks belong on Open Files
  • Protected & Connected Passed Pawns
    Study Segment 3:
  • Advanced Pawn Structures
  • Windmill or Seesaw
  • Screened Backward Pawn
  • Pawn Triangle
  • Clearance
  • Pawn Majority
  • Hanging Pawns
  • Quiet Move
  • Overworked Piece
  • Master Pawn Structure
  • Study Segment 4:
  • The Principles of Attack
  • When Ahead in Force, Exchange Pieces
  • Forcing a Pawn Weakness
  • The Hedgehog Defense
  • The Principles of Defense
  • How To Get & Use Space
  • Attack Pawn Weaknesses
  • When Behind in Space
  • Time Advantage
  • Time Disadvantage
Reviews & Testimonials
  1. "The amiable Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan introduces a staggering 3 hours and 46 minutes of footage on DVD covering all elements of the 'Royal Game'. The ideal way to reinforce and improve your chess knowledge." * US Chess Federation's Chess Life, January 2003 issue *
  2. "One of the best instructional chess videos ever made has been reissued as a DVD, and the new format makes it an even better product than before. Previously available as a two-videotape VHS set, Pro Chess: The Video Chess Mentor has been converted to DVD."
    * ChessCafe.com - January 8, 2003 - here's the complete Review *
  3. "Former US Champ and IGM Yasser Seirawan does a fine job of explaining various moves and strategies that will help chess players master the game. The DVD offers plenty of information in a straightforward, relaxed and low-key manner. Chess enthusiasts will find this an informative presentation, and will appreciate having a pro like Seirawan calmly explain the game's intricate nature."
    * School Library Journal, January 2003 Issue by Brian Wilson, Evanston Public Library - here's the complete Review *
  4. "An invaluable and unique addition to your chess library.... Seirwan's affable nature and above average communication skills places the sometimes complex and often intangible aspects of advanced chess within easy reach of the average player.... can quite literally shave years off the standard learning curve for novice players. Not only does Seirawan tell you what you should look for and what you should do in a given situation but he also explains "why" you should do it. DVD technology is ideally suited to an instructional presentation of this type. I found the DVD to be a highly motivational experience, it is simply the very best instructional chess product available on today's market."
    * Dave "Prophet" Williams, Managing Editor of VGOgamer.com - here's the complete 5 Star Review *
  5. "The DVD went over very well. My soon to be son-in-law strives to become a master and in the first few minutes of watching something, he had already learned things he did not realize. My daughter also gained a lot from a short bit of viewing and was able to beat people that she could not come close to. Your product is a wonderful gift for chess players. Thanks.." * Patti (player's Mom), Riverview, FL *
  6. "Yasser's DVD will help me out a great deal. The nice thing about it is you don't need a chess board. All the diagrams with the examples are in front of you. I never really got the time count, but now in his explanation and diagram format he shows you how to see who is ahead in time count. So even with the little things I have seen and listened to so far, I am picking up things that I didn't get before and I have only watched half of the DVD. Your production is superb!" * Mark (player), Mystic, CT *
  7. "Yaz" is an engaging and personable host, and he certainly has a gift for making complex strategies easy to understand. This title would play well in the games section, too." * Video Store Magazine, October 6-12, 2002 issue *
  8. "Exercise Your Mind." * Insight Magazine. *
  9. "Full of practical advice." * John Jacobs, Dallas Times Herald. *
  10. "The US Champ inspires confidence as he relates secrets of the game." * Ed Albaugh, Washington Times. *
  11. "I'd recommend these programs to anyone seeking to improve their game." * Larry Parr, Editor, Chess Life / USCF. 

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