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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Ruy Lopez for White - Berlin Defence Part 2

In the introductory discussion on Berlin Defence, we saw different structural patterns that might arise as a result of this defence by Black. Hope those features are clear in your head now.

Without wasting any time, we will start our study of different variations. The Main Variations in this defence revolves around Black's fifth move alternative, mainly Variation A: 5...Be7 and Variation B: 5...Nd6.

Let's start with Variation A: 5...Be7. Follow carefully:
Well, the next one, Variation B: 5...Nd6 is the most widely played response by Black under these circumstances. So let's see what it has in store for White. Pay very very serious attention. This variation will demand a pretty lengthy discussion owing to the fact that it has a lot of sub-variations. For convenience, we will study it in parts. Sub-variations involve Black's 7th and 9th move alternatives.

Variation B1: 7...Ne4!?
Pretty interesting, isn't it? The truth is, White can always find ways to keep an advantage. Important is to play cautiously.

We will study Variation B2 (much more preferred by Black) in my next post. Hence, it will be much more interesting for White to refute and will have much more options open for both sides.

Stay tuned. We will be back shortly.

Keep visiting and keep reading. Thanks a lot. Enjoy!!
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Very well explained sir...I just came here from www.chessforums.org after seeing your post there...these articles are very useful to newbies like me.thanks for posting such nice articles

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