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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Ruy Lopez for White - Schliemann Variation/Jaenisch Defence Part 3

Hello everybody,
The last discussion in the Schliemann Variation/Jaenisch Defence was regarding Black's fourth move alternative 4...Nd4!?, where we saw that White can make out an advantage for him in the endgame.
This time we will study Black's main continuation as a fourth move alternative, 4...fxe4, Third Main Option for Black in this situation. This Variation has two sub-variation and will be a little long. So, sit tight, watch and learn.
Following is a discussion on Variation C1: 5...Nf6
Now let's study Black's fifth move alternative, Variation C2: 5...d5

Black's reply of 4...fxe4 is the most complicated Variation in the Schliemann/Jaenisch Defence owing to the fact that it has so many alternatives for both sides!!! But White, with cautious playing, can still keep an edge over Black. And that requires knowledge and imagination about how the outcome is going to be! 
So, take your time and go through the variation repeatedly until you get a clear picture of the happenings at various positions and you will come to know how to imagine a stronger position and how to plan for it.
Well, this was all about the Schliemann/Jaenisch Defence.
From the next post we will study a new chapter, The Classical Variation in the Ruy Lopez. 
So, keep visiting and keep reading. There is lot more to come. Let us know your feelings about earlier posts.

Until then, bye.
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