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Monday, August 1, 2011

Download ChessBase Magazine 127 (Full DVD)

ChessBase Magazine 127
Who would have thought it? The WCh match between Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik was such a one-sided affair as has not been known in the title matches of the last decade. Anand’s 3:0 at the half-way point was too sobering for the challenger to even think that he might turn things around. The WCh match in Bonn is of course the big story in this issue. The World Champion in person has annotated for you his 3rd and 5th game victories in Fritztrainer format (audio only, in English). In addition GM Rogozenco provides in-depth analysis on all the important games from the World Championship in video format. Concurrently with the WCh, the top European Team Championship was taking place. Apart from the WCh finalists and Topalov, once more the whole world √©lite was there in the starting blocks for this top event. Teimour Radjabov, Pavel Eljanov and the young Russian GM Nikita Vitiugov annotate some of their games from the championships on the DVD and in doing so discuss, e.g., a whole range of interesting opening ideas. 

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