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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Download Roman's Lab: Vol. 85, Understanding the Concept of the Middlegame Based on Opening Strategy

Roman's Lab: Vol. 85

Perfecting the Opening Series, Running time: 81 minutes

On this DVD Roman provides a very instructive handbook for players of all levels that will keep you correctly focused on middlegame ideas and concepts. These ideas are based on opening strategy, as well as basic principles. Roman will also give you a powerful presentation on pawn structures. Using examples taken from his own games and favorite openings, he demonstrates the importance of understanding the opening ideas and what to strive for when transitioning into the middle game.

The basic principles of chess, such as piece development and placement, as well as pawn structures will help determine each player’s criteria to create a course of action. For example, if your opponent has an isolated pawn, one idea given is to exchange pieces to weaken your opponent’s position. Also covered is how to take advantage of symmetrical pawns structures, which usually favor White. Examples on blockading pawns and dominating squares are given to enlighten the viewer so that these concepts can be recognized and applied to their own games

Pawn structures are difficult to access at any level, so to come up with the correct plan requires a deep understanding of the opening strategies and concepts. This DVD will help provide this knowledge. So sit back and let Roman once again increase your level of understanding of the middle game.

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