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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Download Roman's Lab: Vol. 84, Rybka's Quest for Replacing the Ruy Lopez

Roman's Lab: Vol. 84

Perfecting the Opening Series: Rybka's Quest for Replacing the Ruy Lopez, Running time: 100 minutes
On this DVD Roman and Rybka completely overturn well established 100-year-old move orders in the Giocco Piano that no one ever dared to doubt, and claim a sizeble advantage for White. It's truly amazing to see how a move that four different GMs, including Karpov, thought was completely harmless, turns out to be to White's advantage. Truly one of the most revolutionary discoveries in modern theory.
Roman also introduces a relatively new way to play the Sicilian for White mixing the Rossolimo and Grand Prix variations ... and some powerful suggestions by Rybka.

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