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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Anand - Topalov WCC 2010 - Game 5 Analysis

WCh G5: another Slav, another draw
Veselin Topalov and Viswanathan Anand drew the fifth game of their World Championship match in Sofia, Bulgaria. The two repeated the varation of the Slav that appeared in game 3, and again challenger Topalov couldn’t prove a clear advantage with the white pieces.

This time there was a little ceremony again at the start of the game. It was 77-year-old Robert Mundell, invited to Sofia by Silvio Danailov, who played the first move for Topalov. Mundell is a professor of economics at Columbia University (New York) and the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1999. Mundell laid the groundwork for the introduction of the euro through his pioneering work in monetary dynamics and optimum currency areas.

Mudell in Sofia
Silvio Danailov, Robert Mundell and press officer Boiko Hristov

After half an hour of play a press conference with Mundell started, but just when he reached his third sentence or so, suddenly all lights in the press room went off, and as it turned out, all electricity (and therefore also internet). The press conference was postponed, and soon it became clear that the playing hall had turned dark as well.
As one journalist described, the players kept looking at the position until the arbiter stopped the clock. After about 13 minutes play was resumed, with an emergency generator taking care of both the lighting on stage and the online live transmission of the game. Later it became clear that the power outage had occurred in a small part of central Sofia.
The organizers published the following statement on the official website:
Mr. Georgios Makropoulos
Supervisor of the FWCM
between the World Champion
V. Anand and V. Topalov
Copy to Mrs. Aruna Anand
Manager of the World Chess Champion V. Anand
Copy to Mr. Silvio Danailov
Manager of Veselin Topalov
Dear Sirs,
The Organizing Committee of the Match for the World Title in Chess between the World Champion V. Anand and V. Topalov would like to apologize for the inconvenience during the fifth game due to cut in the electricity power supply. It was caused by general failure in the electrical system in central Sofia, which affected also the emergency power generators.
We have taken all the needed precautions to prevent from future incidents till the end of the match.
An official statement by the Ministry of Economy and Energetics and the power supplying company CEZ will be presented to you later on.
Organizing Committee
Ph.D. Stefan Sergiev

In the game Anand again played the passive but solid Slav line with which he had managed to draw in game 3. Before Topalov could show his improvement, Anand deviated first by pushing his h-pawn to h5 instead of h6. About seven moves later a nice tactical nuance allowed the World Champion to reach approximate equality, but still only White could play for a win, and obviously Topalov kept on trying, but to no avail. Right after the first time control the players repeated moves, called the arbiter and then shook hands and agreed to a draw.

Game 5 anand & topalov
Perhaps one of our readers can tell us about previous World Championship games that had to be stopped due to unforeseen circumstances?

We will shortly publish Video Reports of the Game, Press Conference Video & a Video Analysis of the game . Don't forget to check them out. For now here is the Full Analysis of Game 5.


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