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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Anand - Topalov WCC 2010 - Game 8 Analysis & Report

The World Champion had appeared to have recovered from his shock defeat in game one, and seemed to have it all under control. An oversight got him into trouble, and Topalov went hard to work trying to milk the position for all he could. Still, just as it seemed as if Anand had made it safely back to shore, a final blunder sealed his fate. The match is now drawn 4-4, with four games left.

World Chess Championship – Game eight

NIIT Press Release

Sofia, May 5th 2010
A one point a pretty lead had Viswanathan Anand sitting comfortably while Veselin Topalov has been striving and stretching for one more victory to equalize the score. The Bulgarian Challenger was once again impressive in showing some serious home preparation, and also his aggressive instincts, in the eighth game of the World Chess Championship at Sofia, Bulgaria and defeated Anand after 56 moves.
The scores are now evened out at 4-4, making the last four games important in this twelve-game Match series. Throughout the eighth game, Anand was defending a miserable looking position, and eventually blundered on the 54th turn, when most analyzing grandmasters started hinting at a draw. For a long time in the ending, the players had opposite coloured bishops on board with Topalov enjoying an extra pawn.

Anand however later pointed out that he was not sure whether he could have held a draw, even without the blunder, and was not happy with the way he played today. Topalov too was unsure whether a victory was possible, but thought that his position was always better.

Here is the full analysis of the game 8.

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