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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Anand - Topalov WCC 2010 - Game 7 Analysis & Report

: WCh G7: Wch G7 drawn after strong preparation Topalov
The seventh game of the World Championship match in Sofia, Bulgaria also ended in a draw. Challenger Veselin Topalov showed impressive opening preparation and put the World Champion under considerable pressure. However, Anand defended accurately and perhaps even missed a win after the time control.

NIIT Press Release on round seven

Sofia, 28 April
The 58 move draw in the seventh round of the World Chess Championship at Sofia was one of the exciting ones so far, and saw the defending champion try long and hard in the dying stages of the game for a victory. The NIIT MindChampion, Viswanathan Anand is leading the 12 game match with a 4-3 score over his Bulgarian rival Veselin Topalov. Tomorrow Topalov will be playing with the White pieces in the eighth game.
The theoretical discussion in the Catalan continued for the fourth consecutive time that Anand wielded white pieces. Anand had notched victories in the second and fourth game with the Catalan Opening while the sixth game was drawn. “I had to play precisely and was calculating for most part in the Opening but in the ending though I was pressing but was not sure if there is a win," said Anand.
However for the first time Veselin Topalov scored in the home preparation by starting the game on a volatile note, deviating very early and livening up the proceedings with some very sharp play, sacrificing his rook for a bishop – and all this while using just two minutes on his clock to make the first 14 moves. Topalov said that he had prepared this particular line with his second Ivan Cheparinov.
Topalov tried to intensify the pressure further by sacrificing a knight and bishop for Anand’s rook and gained two pawns in the bargain while leaving Anand with an extra piece. Thereafter the Indian had to use his defensive skills and survival instincts to ward off Topalov’s attack. The Bulgarian had two dangerously advanced pawns and at one time he invaded Anand’s seventh rank with his queen and rook. Around this time, Topalov gave indication that he was ready to settle for a draw by repetition of moves, but Anand decided that it was time for him now to press for victory.
The ending was a queen and pawn one where Anand had the extra knight, but Topalov’s advanced pawns more than compensated for it. Anand probed and pressed for a long time, but his exposed king and his opponent’s pawn on the seventh rank did not allow him to make any progress.

Here is the full analysis of the game . Press conference video, video report & video analysis to follow soon. Stay Tuned.

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