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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Download New In Chess Yearbook 65

Price: € 30.95
Publisher: New In Chess, 2002
Edition: Hardcover
ISBN: 90.5691.103.1
Pages: 240
Language: English

NIC Forum
Readers from all over the world join in discussions of previous surveys. Both (grand)masters and club players shed their light on new opening developments and search together for the truth.
Sosonko's Corner
Everybody knows that the most vulnerable squares in the initial position are f7 and f2. Even Radjabov came into trouble when he neglected his weakest link against Zviagintsev. Genna Sosonko gives a whole range of examples from grandmaster practice.
Book Review
Based on reviews of 4 new monographs (by Yury Yakovich, John Emms, Jacob Aagaard and Jan Pinski) as well as a Bad Bishop Ches Video by Andrew Marin on the Scheming Scandinavavion, Glenn Flear tries a provide an answer to the question: What kind of opening books do you like?
36 NIC Surveys Yearbook 65

  • Sicilian: Moscow Variation 3.Bb5, by Boersma
  • Sicilian: Dragon Variation, by Golubev
  • Sicilian: Scheveningen Variation, by Karolyi
  • Sicilian: Sveshnikov Variation 10...Bg7, by Rogozenko
  • Sicilian: Sveshnikov Variation 10...f5, by Bosch
  • Sicilian: Taimanov Variation, by Fogarasi
  • Sicilian: Paulsen Variation, by Vilela
  • Sicilian: Hyper-Accelerated Dragon 2...g6, by Van der Tak
  • Sicilian: Alapin Variation, by Timoshenko
  • Sicilian: 2.Nf3 e6 3.b3 b6, by Kuijf
  • French: Winawer Variation, by Z. and I. Almasi
  • French: Tarrasch Variation 3...Nc6, by Tiviakov
  • Caro-Kann: Advance Variation, by Dautov
  • Caro-Kann: Classical Variation, by Dautov
  • Scandinavian: Main Line 2...Qxd5, by Llanos/Soppe
  • Petroff: Nimzowitsch Variation 5.Nc3, by Bosch
  • Petroff: Jaenisch Variation, by Boersma
  • Ruy Lopez: Exchange Variation, by Van der Weide
  • Ruy Lopez: Neo-Steinitz Variation, by Van der Tak
  • Four Knights: Rubinstein Variation, by Lukacs/Hazai
  • Two Knights: Traxler Gambit, by De Zeeuw
  • Budapest Gambit: The Knight System 4.Nf3, by Panczyk/Ilczuk
  • Slav: Krause Variation, by Lukacs/Hazai
  • Slav: Noteboom Variation, by Beliavsky
  • QGA: An Early Queen Move 5...Qc7, by Karolyi
  • QGA: Classical Variation, by Doggers
  • Nimzo-Indian: Vienna Variation, by Langeweg
  • Grünfeld Indian: Exchange Variation, by Van de Mortel
  • King’s Indian: Classical Main Line, by Sosonko
  • King’s Indian: Averbakh Variation, by Beliavsky
  • Benoni: Classical Main Line, by Marin
  • Volga Gambit: Main Line, by Fogarasi
  • English: Reversed Sicilian, by Marin
  • English: Double Fianchetto Variation, by Van de Mortel
  • English: Symmetrical Variation, by Greenfeld
  • Réti: Schmid Benoni Reversed, by Van der Sterren
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