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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Download Chessbase Magazine 105 Full DVD for Free!!!

Chessbase Magazine 105
Six times a year, ChessBase publishes a magazine on CD, supplemented with a small booklet. It contains annotated games, interviews, theoretical articles, historical articles and much more.

ChessBase Magazine #105 (May 2005)
ChessBase Magazine Vol. 105 contains around 1750 tournament games, 500 with expert annotations. In addition you get over 10,000 games from high-quality correspondence tournaments. There are section on tactics, strategy, endgames, and extensive theory articles, all by great experts in the field. The multimedia section contains interviews with players at the Wijk aan Zee tournament, making use of the Chess Media System to illustrate what they are saying.
Multimedia Report: The report this time is on Wijk aan Zee, which took part in January this year. It was especially interesting because the players of the B and C groups included some of the most exciting young personalities in chess today. Naturally we interviewed the winner of the A group, Peter Leko, and other top scorers like Anand and Topalov. But you will probably be most interested in the interviews with Sergey Karjakin and Magnus Carlsen. At 15 and 14 respectively they should not be playing at strong grandmaster level. But they do, and Sergey in fact won the B section to earn a place in next year's elite A Group.
The video interviews were conducted in the pressroom, a place bustling with activity – and unfortunately also with a lot of noise. But the players were at ease and even if the sound quality is sometimes not the best you do see them in their natural environment.
Main Database: 1,750 games (500 annotated)
A32: English
A68: Modern Benoni
B03: The Voronezh Variation
B33: Sveshnikov Sicilian
C10: French Defence
C40: Elephant Gambit (Part 3)
E32: Nimzo-Indian
History: Johannes Fischer takes us back to the year 1922, when the first great tournament after World War One was staged. It was in Bad Bistyan and saw three players, Alekhine, Spielmann and Bogoljubow clearly distance themselves from the rest (which included Gruenfeld, Reti, Sämisch, Tartakower, Tarrasch and the young Max Euwe. The tournament was won by Bogoljubow, half a point ahead of Spielmann and Alekhine.
Endgames:  After a serious illness GM Dr Karsten Müller is back, running through the most recent databases to find interesting and instructive endgames. In CBM 105 he presents a selection of 36 examples, all taken from the games of this issue of the magazine.
Strategy: Peter Wells – “Hanging Pawns – broadening the picture”
Tactics: Valery Atlas – “Fatal Attraction Of Natural Moves”
Telechess: The correspondence chess section by GMs Juan Sebastian Morgado and Roberto G Alvarez brings you some very interesting material, with well-annotated games. The articles include: An introduction to the Telechess column; annotated games by GM Juan Sebastían Morgado and GM Roberto Alvarez; where to play EmailChess; CFC and IECG News; IECG Rating List (January 2nd, 2005); IECC News; IECC Ratings. The attached database contains close to 10,000 games

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