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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Download ChessBase Magazine 116 Full DVD for Free !!!

Download ChessBase Magazine 116
ChessBase Magazine 116 includes databases of the following tournaments and matches:

Kramnik-Fritz - Kramnik proved to be excellently prepared. Among the match conditions was the fact that he would receive the final match engine some weeks before the start of the games so that he could check it out thoroughly. In any case Fritz has been one of the absolute top programs for many years and is employed as a help to analysis by many chess players, especially the professionals. Everybody is well aware of how Fritz plays chess.
Tal Memorial

Russian Championship, Moscow

Opening Surveys:

Benkö Gambit by Igor Stohl [A57]
Benoni Defense by Viktor Moskalenko [A60]
Alekhine Defense by Hannes Langrock [B03]
Sicilian Defense by Viktor Gavrikov [B23]
Sicilian Defense by Dorian Rogozenko [B78]
Sicilian Defense by Lubomir Ftacnik [B90]
Ruy Lopez (Open, Part 2) by Mihail Marin [C83]
Ruy Lopez by Hazai and Lukacs [C95]
Chigorin Defense by Efstratios Grivas [D07]
Slav Defense by Dorian Rogozenko [D15]
Queen’s Gambit by Lars Schandorff [D37]
Grünfeld Defense by Michal Krasenkow [D85]
Blumenfeld Gambit by Mihail Marin [D10]
Queen’s Indian by Evgeny Postny [E15]
 Daniel King: Move by MoveCharacteristics of Daniel King’s column are:
• A carefully chosen game
• Almost all the moves for one side are pro­vided with training questions
• Feedback to almost all the moves (including alternatives)
• Not only the game move is given a number of points, but also other plausible moves.
For edition 116 of ChessBase Magazine, King has selected a game by the young Dutch player Jan Werle against veteran grandmaster Vlastimil Hort. The author is especially impressed by the straightforward kingside attack directly from the opening.
 Oliver Reeh: TacticsThe game positions for the tactics database by Oliver Reeh come this time almost exclusively from the German Bundesliga (Team Championship). In the first seven rounds there were plenty of accidents and beautiful combinations, which our author has turned into training lessons. And once again he presents his favorite combination in the Chess Media format.
 Peter Wells: StrategyThe Strategy column contains Well’s last con­tribution on the theme of Passed pawns. The title, “Under lock and key – some thoughts on passed pawns” refers to a famous state­ment by Nimzowitsch. As is his wont, Peter Wells teases a lot of new ideas out of his theme.
 Karsten Müller: EndgamesIn addition to his endgame database with 30 games, Karsten Müller has also recorded some Chess Media files. This time his material is taken from the very interesting endgames that occurred in the Tal Memorial in Moscow, as well as from the match Kramnik vs Deep Fritz.
 Knaak: Opening TrapsThe new column is in the style of the CD 1000 Openings Traps and may be regarded as an appendage to that database. This time the famous “Hungarian Trap” is reevaluated – as we shall see it can also be used by the player with the black pieces.
 New DVDsOur presentation of new products (Shirov: Nimzo-Indian and King‘s Indian, King: Pawn storm) also includes video excerpts from the DVDs.

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