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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Chessbase Magazine 120
Late summer 2007 was hardly short of chess events, but the one which topped all others was the World Chess Championships in Mexico City. In 2007 the latter took the form of a double round all play all, similar to what had happened in 2005. Since 1993, when Kasparov and Short played their title match outwith FIDE, the chess world was, as far as world championships were concerned, split in two. Formal unity was restored as a result of the title match between Topalov and Kramnik – which was won by Kramnik. The new version (WCh as a tournament) had been agreed as a result of the WCh tournament in San Luis. After it, FIDE changed its plans and settled on the traditional match as a way of deciding the world championship. Although it ended just before our publishing date, we already have the WCh games in this issue with extensive annotations. Viswanathan Anand won the double-round tournament in majestic fashion. None of the other players, not even Kramnik, could threaten the Indian, who previously had moved to number one in the Elo listings. Other highlights of this issue are the games from the Biel Chess Festival, which took place for the 40th time this year, and those from the international match between Russia and China. In addition, there was a high level tournament in Carlsbad.

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