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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Download Chessbase Magazine 117 Full DVD for Free!!!

Download ChessBase Magazine 117
ChessBase Magazine 117 includes databases of the following tournaments and matches:

Wijk aan Zee
Aeroflot Moscow
Poikovsky Karpov
Magistral Ruy Lopez Zafra
Opening Surveys:English A17, The Groningen Attack by Michal Krasenkow
Modern Defence A41/A42 by Mihail Marin
Pirc Defence B07 by Viktor Moskalenko
Sicilian B79 by Dorian Rogozenko
Sicilian Najdorf B93 by Viktor Gavrikov
French C10 Rubinstein Variation by Hannes Langrock
Sicilianisch Najdorf B97 by Igor Stohl
Sicilian Najdorf B97 by Evgeny Postny
Slav D31 by Laszlo Hazai and Peter Lukacs
Queen’s Gambit D32 by Lubomir Ftacnik
Grünfeld Defence D91 by Efstratios Grivas
Nimzo Indian E32 by Laszlo Hazai and Peter Lukacs
Daniel King: Move by MoveCharacteristics of Daniel King’s column are:
• A carefully chosen game
• Almost all the moves for one side are pro­vided with training questions
• Feedback to almost all the moves (including alternatives)
• Not only the game move is given a number of points, but also other plausible moves.

For this issue of CBM (117) King has chosen Karjakin’s lively attacking game against Svi­dler (Wijk aan Zee 2007).
Oliver Reeh: TacticsThe games for Oliver Reeh’s tactical da­tabase come this time from the strongest open in the world, the Aeroflot Tournament in Moscow. In addition the author has once more recorded his favourite combination in Chess Media Format.
 Peter Wells: StrategyThe column on strategy contains a contribu­tion dedicated to the most important piece on the chess board. The title is “The delicate art of handling the king”. As usual, Peter Wells finds much to say that is fresh and interesting.
Karsten Müller: EndgamesIn addition to the endgame database with 29 games, including the solutions to those set as puzzles on page 22, Karsten Müller has also recorded some Chess Media files. This time his material comes from the endgames in the Morelia/Linares super-tournament. He also adds something to the Kramnik-Fritz match, since no less a person than Garry Kasparov has made an interesting discovery about the first game of the match.
 TelechessThe two Argentinian correspondence chess grandmasters Alvarez and Morgado have put together a database which contains six texts and over 7800 games, 26 of them being commented.
 Knaak: Opening TrapsThis new column is based on our product “1000 opening traps” and is intended as a supplement to that database. This time it is a trap from the Sicilian with 2.Nf3 g6 which is being presented.
New DVDs Surveyed:

Rustam Kasimdzhanov: A World champion’s guide to the Petroff(Fritztrainer, in English language)

Andrew Martin:The ABC of the Czech Benoni(Fritztrainer, in English language)
Andrew Martin:The ABC of The Modern Slav(Fritztrainer, in English language)

Daniel King: Power Play 4Start Right (Fritztrainer, German and English version)

 Alexei Shirov: My best games in the Slav and Semi-Slav(Fritztrainer, English version)
Karsten Müller: Endgames 4 –Strategical Endgames(Fritztrainer, German and English version)

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