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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Download Chessbase Magazine 118 Full DVD for Free!!!

Download ChessBase Magazine 118
Chessbase Magazine 118
How do you prepare to organise Chess Olympiads? The best way is to run another major event; that’s what people in Dresden thought and promptly went in for the 2007 European Championship which took place in April in the metropolis on the Elbe. Some of the very top names may have been missing, but there was an impressive entry of grandmasters with an Elo rating above 2600. The tie-break for the title was won GM Vladislav Tkachiev of France with relative ease. Of course the European Championship is one of the major events on this DVD. Sergei Tiviakov and Eva Moser have both annotated one of their games from in video-format and many other games are presented with extensive annotations by, among others, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu, Victor Bologan and Boris Avrukh.

In this edition, the second highlight as far as tournaments go is the M-Tel Masters in Sofia. This year there was a mixture of old and new faces, leading to a lively and combative contest. Local hero Topalov got off to his apparently typical bad start but won through in the long run – for the third time in succession. Krishnan Sasikiran, who for a long time looked the most likely winner of the tournament, annotates two of his wins for you on this DVD, as does Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu, who was making his first appearance at the M-Tel Masters and who had a good result with 5 out of 10.

Other main sections of this ChessBase Magazine are devoted to the Bundesliga 2006/2007 season and the Russian team championships. Alexei Shirov was once again the star of the Bundesliga with a result of 9 out of 10. On this DVD he extensively examines his win over Evgeny Postny in a video lasting almost half an hour. There is also a Fritz-Trainer video from the Russian team championship: Sergei Tiviakov presents and explains his game in the Dragon against Andrei Volokitin.
ChessBase Magazine 118 provides you with 15 up-to-date opening surveys (including the "French with 3...h6" by GM Emanuel Berg) and the usual training columns ("Tactics", "The trap", "Move by Move", "Endgames" etc.), which you can access directly from the links in the left-hand column.

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